Finding peace in middle of chaos

Mercury retrograde is challenging. Especially when all our endeavors are being put on hold or encountering a delay. You feel like you are in the middle of a raging river trying to navigate while also trying to keep everything afloat.

During this period of time you have the opportunity to review where you are and also it is a good time to take a full inventory. I would call it a “spring-cleaning” moment. It also requires us to stay focused and positive while the world around us turns upside down for a few weeks.

Easier said than done.  During this period of challenges, we need to learn to re-center ourselves, so we do not blast negative energies into the world. Those energies will come back to us tenfold.  What should we do to avoid these kinds of issues?

My first reaction would be to not let yourself become interjected into someone else’s issues. When you know you are going to have to handle a volatile situation ground yourself first. Take the time to breathe before you enter the room or answer the phone.

Remind yourself when a situation becomes out of control to ask the universe for help. We cannot control our outer condition only how we react to it.  If a situation is extremely intense walk away from it and take the time to go outside for 10 minutes. During that time breathe deeply, walking around will help you to release the stress.

When we are learning about the triggers that can cause us to go into a spiral of negativity, we need to be more aware of our own state of mind. Checking on how we feel during the day helps us to stay in equilibrium.

We are living in a world that is changing very quickly, we need to be able to take sometimes for ourselves.