We are all rising stars

Living in a compartmentalize world does not open our mind nor our heart. Being able today to surf the web, connecting with people. This is a great way to educate ourselves and learn more about others. Living within the confines of our own home we are not visualizing the world that surrounds us.

Having lived in a secluded area it was interesting to know when a stranger was in the village. Learning, via my uncle, who traveled around the world through pictures he took and stories, opened my imagination and gave me the inspiration to do the same.

Everywhere I went I learned more about everything and everyone. I let my mind absorb everything. Living outside social media helps us to have a clearer view of the world. Being bombarded by fake news and stories that can alter our thoughts and distort reality can make us less knowledgeable about what is really the truth.

We need to be able to learn from our experiences. So why not start today, why not learn to shift our outer conditions?  Letting our spirit guide our lives, we are the trailblazers. We have the fire in us to move forward.

Going on our journey of self-discovery we can also learn more about others along the way. We do not have to keep our mind close. Instead, by becoming curious we are more open and ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

We are beautiful spirits that have the possibilities to create our own path. Becoming trailblazers, we can open so many doors along the way. We can transform, not only our life, but the lives of others.

We are here to live our life to the fullest, being able to be in the present. Learning to co-create with the universe. We can attract in our life opportunities, so why not open our mind and start to dream big?

Life is too short to be an observer in our own life.