Playtime for our little ones

The fun part of having pups is not only watching them grow but spending your time becoming a stalker by taking pictures of them every chance you get. But also, be ready to send them for a day to “day care” or “doggy camp”.

It is exciting to know they are going to socialized with other dogs, roaming freely around while driving someone else nuts. Taking a little break from them so you can catch up with your loved ones. Making sure you’ve finished your day full of tasks you needed to accomplish while the little brats are away.

The fun part of it you can still spy on them by watching their webcam during their fun play date. It is great for the dogs to go there, but also nice to be able to let them run like mad cows for a while. So, when they come back home, they are going to be exhausted…

Like our children when we send them on a play date, it is great to let them go for a few hours then when you pick them up, they are so exhausted you are not hearing much from them at all.

We all need, from time to time, a break.  Being able to focus on ourselves but also let our loved ones enjoy a fun day. We should be able to add this to our schedule, that will free us up for a few hours so we can have “me time.”

I am truly looking forward to seeing them connecting with other dogs, becoming more social but also approaching pups without going puppy crazy and overly excited. Doing this kind of play date will help them to slow down so when we are walking on trails, they are learning to be calmer. They love to meet and greet pups and humans, but they are sometimes a little too overly excited. To be continued.