Learning to be patient

Patience is a virtue that is needed when you are on hold waiting for the next customer service rep to answer the phone or while you are in line at the checkout counter. Not easy when we are living in the fast lane to slow down.

Learning to stay calm and centered requires us to focus on us. We have so much going on in our lives sometimes we cannot take the time to slow down.

As I am writing this blog today, my phone is next to me playing music while I am on hold. Normally I would hang up and try later but since I have the time and inspiration to focus on something else.

Being challenged on a daily basis doesn’t give much time to be present in our lives. When we are on hold or have to wait for something it is a great time for us to do an inventory of how we feel and where we are in our lives.

We could also take the time to breath and be present in the moment. Observing what is around us, noticing details that would have been missed. Observing the pups playing around, letting them sit on your lap while trying to write the blog.

It is a great time to stand still for a few minutes while grounding ourselves. Not trying to let our ego lead the way but instead open our heart so our spirit can be. We are beautiful and gracious spirits, learning to be mindful helps us to shape our future.

We are the inspiration, the guiding light that can inspire and guide others on their path. When we are taking the time to be grounded, we are infusing our outer condition with peace. We can slow down the madness that is surrounding us and keep everyone focused.