Deciding our own path

Becoming our own self is stepping into the unknown to claim what is rightfully ours. It takes courage and an open mind to accomplished that. We are students of life; we do not need to race or feel like we are running out of time.

Instead we are willing to go through the challenges that are waiting for us so we can grow. Not everything will be easy but though the toughest times we are going to discover how resourceful we are. The universe will bring us the support we need along our journey.

We are not feeling the need to become someone else. Instead we are ready to let our spirit free. There is so much more to do when we are willing to open our heart.  But this is not always east to do because we can be afraid someone will come and try to take advantage of our kindness.

We have to keep our eyes open and be able to see through the mask others are wearing. It is always a great way to welcome peace in our lives. Not feeling we are living in the world of pain, learning to let go of the hurt feelings we’ve had. Healing from the inside out.

Having faith, the universe has our back. We are not alone in that journey; we are going to meet people that are going to become part of our circle of life. Not willing to give up our dreams but instead learning to mind our own business.

If we only were taking the time to listen to our spirit. Listening to the whispering voice that always guides us to safety. The issue is the loud nagging voice our ego uses to distract us. I have learned to tune it down, but it took years before I finally realized I needed to be present in my life.