The evolution of our own self

We can always try to map our lives, but it doesn’t mean that all the things we planned would come true. It’s like the 2- or 5-year plan. Most people think trying to control our entire life is easy. You might be surprised when you try to have the upper hand on your outer condition. It doesn’t mean the life you are planning will come to fruition.

As we are growing and evolving, we are going to face the unexpected. Not realizing that we are on the chessboard of our life. Not understanding we are not alone in that quest can led to do not fully grasp how our outer condition can affect our own else or vice versa.

It takes us to become a student of life to discover the layers of effect we have on our life and on the life of others. We do not have access to a bird’s eyes view like the universe. This is why learning to partner with it can help us to archive our holy ground.

We are in the quest of self-discovery, learning who we truly are. Not feeling afraid to become who we truly are. We have that notion, as young kids, we have to belong to the ego world. Nothing matters more than becoming part of the robot world. Being distracted by all of the glitters and shiny objects that everyone wants and feels they need. 

We can become part of that crowd or you can decide to walk on your own side. Becoming who we truly are can be challenging for some of us. When you are ready to show your true colors, you are learning to free yourself from the material world. Connecting at the spiritual level with the universe.

Recognizing everything we need comes from the inside. When we are ready to open our hearts and free our spirit, we are learning to becoming the better part of us.