Being part of the team

Being part of a team that actually knows how to work together is amazing. Being able to support each other along the way. Ensuring we have everything done properly, not letting our ego take over. Instead being able to let our spirit guide us.

It is amazing when everything goes organically. Able to recognize everyone’s effort and hard work. Not feeling in competition with anyone but become one with each other. In this time and age, it is becoming rare to find this kind of team.

Not feeling we have to watch our backs but instead communicating with each other so the project we are all working on can be as successful as it can be. Being able to do that requires us to put our ego to sleep.

Coming with an open mind and not with a personal agenda. We can utilize everyone’s talent when we are capable to do that. It opens the dynamic of the team to higher energy and lets everyone blossom.

Making unrealistic deadlines, able to inspire each other. Learning for each other, becoming each other’s support. Taking the time to acknowledge each other’s hard work. The environment we are fostering is open to create the magic we can do for each other.

When we are able to communicate properly, we can overcome any obstacles and meet each milestone. We are focused not only on the project, but we are learning about each other in a positive way. Not spending our time complaining about our mates. Instead we are laughing and enjoying each hidden skill.

How often have you experienced this kind of working relationship? How often have you come to work with a positive energy knowing it was going to be crazy? How often have you ever felt you were appreciated for your hard work? How often have you not felt the need to protect yourself against negative people?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that every day?