Walking on our path part 2

Feeling the universe by our side makes us feel at peace. We are not feeling alone on our path, we are enjoying where we are. Facing our storms, we are supported along the way. We can see perfect synchronicity and magic working towards us.

Miracles happen to us when we are open to receive from the universe. We have to learn to be open even when our outer conditions are less than ideal. Learning to use our imagination to overcome the obstacles in front of us.

It is easy to give advice to people who are currently facing challenges in their life, but we all have, at some point, faced our own challenges. It doesn’t mean it was a walk in the park, but we can relate to the struggle we might have faced.

Having the understanding we can reach out to the universe for help can ease our journey. It will, however, not stop us from facing them. But we can go through the storms in a position to shift our outer conditions.

We have to remind ourselves we can do it; we have to continue to believe in ourselves. Nothing is impossible if we put our mind into. How it will all playout come from the universe and its abilities to materialize what is for our highest good.

We are all connected amongst each other, we are the magician, the master painter ready to create the next chef d’oeuvre so why not let go of our own fears and get started on our journey of thousand lives?   We are evolving and changing always on the quest of our own self-discovery. Being open to transform ourselves, creating a new version of ourself to finally reach our holy ground.

Why not start to listen to our spirit for the guidance we need to walk on the right path?