A life of transformation

Having the best experience in our lives is to become the trailblazer we are. Going into the unknown to let our spirit guide us. By becoming bold we are letting go of everything that is not for our highest good. Going through the inventory that is needed for us in order to move on to the next level.

We are forgetting who we truly are and how strong we are in time of adversity. By walking into uncharted territory, we are being reminded of all of that. We are continuing our transformation; we are becoming the best part of us.

Learning to listen to your inner voice. Connecting with the universe becoming unsinkable. Life has so much more to offer when we are willing to roll up our sleeves and get working on our next experience. We do not have to spend our time thinking we are not good enough instead we should be ready to face our storms so we can grow and become who we are meant to become.

We have to believe in ourselves, no one will if we do not start to do it. Having confidence, take time for some people, but again if you fake it until you make it this will work. Changing the patterns, we have in our minds. From that old broken song telling you “you are not worthy or smart or beautiful” just start to infuse positive thoughts in your mind. From “I cannot do it to I can do it, I am beautiful, I am smart”.

This is the first step that will transform you, your life, but also your outer condition. We are here to experience the life of a thousand. You might ask what is the life of a thousand?

It is our journey of transformation, like a diamond we are evolving each time we are moving into our next experience. From being a baby to where you are now, you have grown and transformed yourselves, this is what we call the life of a thousand. Embrace your spirit you have so much more to discover and realize how beautiful your spirit is.