Learning to live in peace

We do not have to like each other or be the best of friends to work together. We should be able to do the same at home with our neighbors. We just have to be respectful of our own space but also everyone else’s.

Too often we are tempted to pull the devil by the tail when we are letting our ego out. Acting up to make ourselves look more important that others or plainly trying to control others. Learning to let our ego sleep helps us to shift our outer condition.

We do not need to have the urge to become the worst side of us. Instead we can learn to live in harmony with others. This is one of the biggest lessons for us to learn, how can I be tolerant of others? Do I really need to be best friend with my co-workers and neighbors?

No, you don’t; however, what you can do is be polite and respectful of their space. I have lived with neighbors we would just say hello and that was it. No need to camp in someone’s house or being in their business.

Living in harmony means be able to keep your mind focused on your own business. You should not be spending your time looking through the windows or above your cube at work to see what others are doing. Trying to listen to someone else’s issues or stories is a “no no” also.

When you are staying focused on your own path, you can accomplish so much more. Life is too short to spend our time bickering with others. You are spending your time creating unnecessary drama. That energy could be spent on creating something your heart desires.

Again, we all have our own free will it is your choice to walk the path you want. Chose it wisely, when you are listening to your spirit you are becoming the trailblazer you are meant to become.