Feeling changes in the air

I always found it interesting that there is always a calm and scary moment before the storm hits. It might be at work when you are feeling unsettled and everything is way too quiet. It gives you the goosebumps to know something is brewing and coming your way.

You just have to brace yourself and stay calm when all hell breaks loose. It might be discovering that the file you thought was accurate has not automatically   saved properly.

Now everything needs to be rechecked, triggering some stress because no one knows how much data needs to be updated again. While this is happening, you have to face the backlash from people who are now upset to learn what just happened.

When more people start to stress out so much it almost turns them into meltdown mode. On the other hand, you could just learn to center yourself and start to focus on the task ahead.

This goes the same when we are facing personal storms. It is not that easy when we are feeling our emotions are driving our reactions. It is never easy when you are facing personal challenges.

We have to be more in tune with the universe. When we are taking the time to listen and watch the signs manifesting themselves, this can prepare us to face whatever is coming our way.

Too often we are distracted by the illusional world of the ego. We do not have to succumb to the madness and chaos of that world. Instead we should be willing to step back and learn to mind our own business.

As we are living our lives, navigating the rapids in the river that is our lives, we need to be able to stay focused and centered. Through our challenges we are learning and growing.