Our beautiful spirit

A lot of people are looking to be accepted by others. In the society we are living in, for some, the pressure can be too much. We do not need the acceptance of others.

Learning to stand on our own two feet is what we are supposed to be doing. It might be easy for some and more difficult for others. As a child I was one of the three tallest people in my class, I always stood out. It was extremely uncomfortable, but somehow, even though it was not easy every day, I persevered. Just remember all great models are tall beautiful women.

We have to learn to grow within our own self. It might be scary to realized we are who we are. We cannot change our outer shell, making peace with and accepting who we truly are will ground us and let us focus on our life purpose.

We do not need the experience of attracting the wrong people into our lives. By accepting who we are, we can start to shift our outer condition. It might take some time before everything settles but during that time, we can learn much more about ourselves.

Not willing to give up on our own dreams, ready to walk on fire to go to our holy ground. We have so much more to conquer, it makes it easier if we do not spread ourselves thin by encouraging unsavory and negative people into our life. Ensuring we are not giving away our powers but instead being open to change our priorities and heal our wounds.

Letting go of the past and making peace within ourselves. Realizing we are not alone; we have the support of the universe. Life is hard enough we do not need to make it more difficult.

Connecting with the universe will be a game changer you are going to understand how the power of suggestion can help you. Your path is going to be easier; you still have to learn your life lessons. At the end your spirit is going to grow and mature.