finding our own wisdom

It is always interesting when you let the universe guide you on your journey. You have to learn to stay centered. Facing our daily challenges is easier to deal with when your mind is open, and you are in a state of peace.

From receiving an attachment that has wrong items listed on it or waiting for 10 minutes by the counter because the person who was taking care of you just stepped away. You had to wait for the next available person to takes care of you.

To a co-worker who would spend his/her time complaining about everything and anything just to get some attention. You have to go with the flow not forcing on these incidents but reminding yourself to be an observer in those situations, so you do not have to enter into the spiral of madness.

We are being bombarded by social media that can distract us from our life purpose. We have a world of chaos waiting for us to enter if we do not stay focused.

Living a thousand lives not only helps us in our journey but also as we are moving forward in our life.  We are maturing and growing, when we finally reach our holy ground, we have the wisdom of the universe in our heart. We are able to see the bigger picture. We are in a state of realization this is not about us but about everyone.

That wisdom is what drives us to do things that are for our highest good. When life is becoming challenging, we are reminding ourselves to focus on the ending we want to see.

We are shifting our minds to elevate our energies. We do not need to feel threatened by anyone. By listening to our spirit, we are defining our next experience. We are never lost of love, our heart is wide open to receive it.