Taking the time for ourselves

Enjoying a moment of peace, turning off all distraction to immerse myself in a peaceful meditation. Grounding myself, staying connected to the universe. We are running so much in our daily lives. Trying to meet deadlines, going to drop off the kids for activities. By the time we are home we are exhausted and know we will have to redo it all over again the next day.

We need to find our “me time” allowing ourselves to recharge our own energies. Finding an hour to settle back in our bodies. Not feeling like we have to look at the schedule. Instead we should be able to unwind, letting the energy of our day washing away from us. Watching the world in an observer’s view.

Reconnecting with our loved ones, not feeling the pressure of the world on our shoulders. It is a great way to also stay in touch with each other, not creating an invisible gap between each other’s.

It seems easy at the beginning of a relationship to stay connected but as time passes, we are losing sight of what we use do to at the beginning. Life pulls us in too many directions.

What should we do? Well, like everything else we need to make sure we are taking time to reconnect with each other. Having date nights on a weekly basis, taking the time to unwind together each day, even if it is for 30 minutes.

We should do the same with our kids. As they are growing older, we still stay connected so they know if they need anything, they can always come to us. How often kids will not ask for help when they are in most need of it because they don’t feel a close connection to family?

We need to ensure we are mindful of our own time but also the people we love. Life can feel at times like we are in a rat race, but we can still slow down and enjoy our loved ones.