Puppy’s world

Ah, the world of puppies is pure madness! You never know what those two are going to be doing. From a walk were Miss Dot whom is not even listening for a minute to any of the commands or receiving more toys for them so Mac would put his nose into a box, getting out one toy at a time while Miss Dot is taking them away from Mac’s mouth.

Or Mac would jump on me hoping to get Dot’s attention so she would come to see what is going on. While he carefully will walk away and get the toy she was chewing on and walk away with it. There are no dull moments at home.

It is more a chaotic house then a quiet and Zen place. I have, once in a while, been the sheriff to quiet them down. It is also fun to watch them going at it, reminded me of when I was a kid and I use to fight with my siblings. The difference between the pups and us is that they are as close as two peas in a pod.

I just love to watch them arguing as well, when Mac cannot get the upper hand on Dot then he will have a tantrum. These are the moments that make us be present in our lives. It is always a great time to go walking outside with them. Focusing on them is what it is all about. Trying to get Miss Dot to follow the commands when she is not willing to listen. It is challenging but at least it keeps me present in moment.

We all have wandering minds but when you are focused on being present, we are learning to tune out the noise around us and just be in the moment. I love the crazy life I have but what makes it even more special is to have created my own family and my wonderful circle of light.