Learning to deal with the mood

Ah, the joy to go through mercury retrograde when everything goes sideways. When you are not aware of how the planets are moving and might influence you and others it could be a roller coaster ride.

I have heard once on my way to work someone on the radio stating you had to be dumb to believe in the influences of the planets on us. I smiled because I could hear his ego speaking.

If you take the time to watch in time of Mercury Retrograde there is more violence. People are more aggressive than usual; you can start to place yourself into an observer state.

Understanding it is not about you but, instead of overreacting when someone is rude to you just step back take a deep breath and let it go. It is also a great time to do an inventory of where you are and what you need to do to improve you own life.

We are the master of our own destiny; we need to remind ourselves we cannot control our outer condition. We can only control how we react to it.

Sometimes when we run thin on patience it is best to practice centering back our own energies. We have to learn to stay grounded, this will avoid us from having our spirit going in every direction.

We do not need to enter into anyone else’s chaos instead we should learn to step back for our highest good. I have learned when Mercury Retrograde or a full moon is going to get people all fired up, to simply remind myself, I am an observer. Focusing only on my breathing so I do not lose my patience.

Even today the pups were so out of control I couldn’t get Dot’s collar on. It took me a good minute to even get her to slow down. Instead of being upset I started to laugh so much it added more time for me to do it.