Our Freedom

Finding the path of forgiveness provides the freedom we need to make the right changes in our lives. We do not need to live our life in the past, we have to learn to let it go in order to move on.

We do not have to forget what has happened to us at all. Each experience we are going through becomes part of our life. We do not need to try to pretend bad experiences never happened to us. Instead we should focus on the life lesson that might have caused us to go through these challenges.

Opening our eyes to the world that surrounds us. Listening to our spirit, refusing to settle for less than what we should have. Realizing we are the master of our own destiny.

We are the inspiration, the phoenix rising from our own ashes. We are the first domino that will trigger the changes in our life. We do not need to try emulating who we are not. We are the wonders, the co-creators, the magicians.

We can materialize what we want if this is coming from our spirit. Regardless of where we came from, we can learn to elevate ourselves.

Changing our life for the better. It might be hopeful for some to know that if you believe in yourself your life is going to change for the better.

We are in the journey of a lifetime; it can take a lifetime to get to where we need to be.  It is up to us to decide what we want to do. We can listen to our spirit and go on the adventure of a lifetime or we can stay where we are wondering if “I would have”, “I could have” fill in the blanks.

How do you think it would feel if you stayed behind, afraid to do something for yourself compared to going into the unknown ready to embrace the changes you need to finally reach your holy ground?