The Zen Part of Me

Finding a way to ground ourselves. Regardless if we are dealing with rude people or having our children out of control. We need to learn to step back and stay as centered as possible.

It is challenging when you can feel negative energy coming upon you. It also maybe stressful to deal with this kind of energy every single day. Trying to keep our energy elevated is difficult enough, but when you add the world of the ego in the mix it can be even worse.

This is why doing meditation, running, walking and other activities helps us relax our muscles. Oxygen is flowing in our bodies, it relaxes us. Doing activities that help us to focus on something other than work or other issues is great.

We need to learn to unwind, if we cannot ground ourselves, we are not going to be able to navigate our daily life as peacefully as we can.

Being on edge or stressed out impacts our bodies and internal organs. It’s not great when we are running on our adrenals only. Our adrenals should only be working to help us cope with sudden changes not working twenty-four hours.

I have been going through extreme situations that pushed me beyond my limits. My body was on high altered days in and days out. It wasn’t healthy for me but I had to go through these conditions to overcome some of the life lesson I had to learn.  

I have learned also to mediate and take care of my body even if from time to time I am forgetting to check on how my physical body is doing. We only have on body and we need to learn to take care of it.

We might be under pressure at work or at home and feeling we have not settled yet. We need to take some “me time” to ground ourselves and help us recharge our energies so we can be present in our lives.