Living our own dreams

We have our own path, our own dreams to accomplish. We should not ignore them because we are worried about what others would think. We are the trailblazers; we need to awaken the creative side of us.

Becoming a kid again to open the door of creativity. We can change the outer condition we are in. We may have a long road ahead to achieve our goals, but nothing is impossible. Perseverance will always be rewarded by the universe.

We need to understand it is not a sprint but a marathon to achieve our life lessons. We might also be distracted by the shiny objects that the world of the ego is going to show us.

We always have the choice to stay where we are, or we can continue on our journey. I have questioned the universe a few times on why I couldn’t settle like everyone else? My spirit reminded me that I wasn’t ready to settle yet. I had much to do and the time will come one day when I will finally reach my holy ground.

I went on my way knowing deep in my heart I was on the right course. We do not have to be like everyone else just being ourselves is enough. Our lives are different, we need to be mindful of our own spirit. Not being influenced by our outer conditions but instead learning to shift our mind to improve our lives.

Our lives can be challenging at times but when you learn to co-create with the universe you are able to overcome the challenges that are ahead of you. Be open to accept the help that comes to you. Not feeling alone anymore but watching the magic of the universe upon you.

Why should we make our lives more difficult when we have the full support of the universe to help us?