Our own paradise

Being with our loved ones makes us feel whole and happy. There is no greater feeling than feeling connected to them. It might be human, animal or both.  We create a family of our own. We can choose who we went in it.

Taking care of our own life is what we should all be focusing on. How can we realize our dreams if we are not minding our own business? How often have we been distracted by the world of the ego when we were on our path?

Temptation surrounds us every single day. It is our own free will to decide to go for it or ignore it.

When you are in a state of equilibrium nothing will disturb your peace. Instead your vision on life will shift. Your optimism will light the fire in others. We are the first domino that will trigger the changes in our lives.

We are influencing our outer condition, why not starting to focus on keeping ourselves grounded?  It is the best way for us to archive our goals. No one can do that for us, we are the alchemist, the magician in our own way. We are here to not only experience our own life lessons but also create our own experiences.

The universe will always watch over us, we have to be open to believe in ourselves. Leaning on the universe to guide us on our path. We have to be willing to go into the unknown and face all of our storms to come out stronger.

We do not have to become the observer in our own life. We are the masters of our own destiny. We have the power to change the course of our lives. Nothing is impossible when you listen to your spirit.

This is why we are here….. it is to experience life.