Being our beautiful self

Feeling the touch of the universe on my shoulder I can rest peacefully at home, knowing we are all blessed and protected. It is not an easy life, but it has been a wild ride, full of unpredictable situations.

Witnessing the universe working its’ magic, brought me to my knees. It has been an eye opener to become the better part of me. Listening to my spirit while my life was in complete chaos. Taking the leap of faith at a young age to listen to my spirit.

Continuing to evolve while others have settled into their own lives. Understanding the life, I have is unique and no one can walk it for me. Having faced all of my life lessons brought me to my holy ground.

I have no regrets looking back at how far I came. But I know I still have much more to do. When you are learning that nothing is impossible you are becoming the master of your own destiny. You need to realize it might take you a lifetime to realize your own dreams.

It is not a race; it is a journey. That journey will guide you to meet different people. You are going to grow and mature. You are going to uncover the different layers of your spirit.

As your journey continues you are becoming the master. This is part of our lives; we are going to love, hate, laugh, cry and even becoming hysterical.  We are going to learn what it means to be humble. Our spirit will remind us where we are coming from. But also, remember this, be kind to everyone, letting our heart be open and embrace the love of the world.

We do not have to feel alone in our journey. We can open the doors to infinite possibilities. Our journey is a journey of wonders. We just have to be ready to go into the unknown and be opened to finally let our spirit be.