Staying focus on our path

When you are reaching your holly ground and your spirit is guiding you, you have a new perspective on life. You are not feeling on the edge of every situation that comes to you. Instead you have the bird’s eye view of the situation. You are learning to not let your emotions or ego get the best of you.

It is not easy to do that when you are working in the fast lane but when you control how you react you are shifting your outer condition.  When we take the time to ground ourselves and listen to our spirit we become in control.

Checking on how we feel at this moment, we can avoid repeating our old patterns. The advantage to being in tune with the universe is to get the help we need to archive our goals. As small or big as our goals are, we can ask for the support we need.

It is not in a time of crises we need that. Instead we should be asking for help every day for what we need. The connection with the universe will strengthen when you are speaking with them. Like a master you are starting as a student of life.

As you are practicing you are going to improve. When you are in communication with the universe or in the flow you are learning to just float. Not trying to control it but just going with it. The most interesting part of it is how to get in the flow.

Often, I did ask myself how did I do that? I couldn’t, even for a moment, remembered how the flow opened up. I tried to focus on connecting with the universe, trying to stay whole and grounded.

Developing our own skills requires patience, dedication and focus. Staying in the flow requires us to stay connected with the universe. You can accomplish so much more when you are staying open to infinite possibilities.