Being aware of our surroundings

Not spending our lives going against the flow but instead learning to navigate the raging river that is our life.

How often have you felt the need to step back from the situations you were in? How often have you walked away from people? I did it at least once.

I was at a conference when I met a person that just started to work for the company I was currently working for. Within less than 15 second I walked away from that person.

I couldn’t help myself, but I got horrified at how much that person wasn’t authentic. I felt that person was not speaking with his spirit but instead discovered his ego was leading his life. To make the story short he took a high position within the company and was gone within a year.

During the time I had to work there I avoided him like the plague. He wasn’t there for the highest good of the company. He was devious, spending his time attempting to take over the company. It failed to do that but created such a mass. It cost that company more money to fixed everything afterward.

When we are listening to our spirit, we can avoid this kind of situation. Not being influenced by people who are not here to help us. Instead they have an agenda they are trying to push on everyone else. It might cost a company money or a person their job.

This is why you always have to listen to your spirit. It will always warn you about people or situations that are not for your highest good. Your spirit is trying to protect you and guide you to safety.

Again, we have our own free will. It makes it more difficult at times to not be distracted by our outer condition so much so, that we are going to overlook the situation we are about to enter.