Having faith in our path

The foundation for a good life starts with listening to our spirit. When you are opening your heart, you are becoming connected with the universe. Your heart’s desire will bring you to places that would not be achievable if you were living your life led by your ego.

When we are focused on taking care of our own life, we are able to tap into the infinite possibilities our mind can create. We cannot be a creative person if we are spending our time in someone else’s business.

We need to learn to stay grounded and at peace. How often have you spent time trying to solve other issues while neglecting your own life? We cannot be fully present in our life if we are not taking care of our own spirit.

We cannot save everyone; however, we can be someone’s sounding board if they ask us, but we do not have to try to resolve everyone’s issues. We cannot walk in someone else’s shoes. What we can do is provide some words of wisdom and encouragement.

Lighting up the fire of inspiration to the one who are in need of support. We have to let them figure it out how to solves their problem.

Becoming an observer in someone else’s life is wiser then trying to tell them what they should be doing. I have learned long ago to share the wisdom of the universe to people who need it.

When you are in the middle of changes you might lose track of where you are. Sometimes it is comforting to have someone to remind you “you are on your way” and you are loved and supported on your path.

We need to take care of our own life, our own spirit. Not spending our time meddling in someone else’s business most especially when we are not invited in.