Living in perfect synchronicity

I love when serendipity is by our side. Making things happening so easily, it is like walking on clouds. It is such a serene and peaceful feeling. We need to make sure to keep the flow going.

Often, we can catch on to the flow but do not recall how we got it started. It all starts with an intention; this is why we need to keep our thoughts positive. It is easier to dramatized everything attracting more negativity into our lives than holding our energies higher.

Living in a state of peace requires us to learn to not take everything personally. It might be difficult when we are being involved in someone else’s drama. Trouble could also knock at your door, again it is your choice to open the door or not.

This is why our journey can take us on a rollercoaster ride or not. We all have free will, it is up to us to choose wisely. Something we need to understand, we are not here to save everyone.

When you are in a state of perfect equilibrium this is when you can be in perfect synchronicity with the universe. Your connection with the universe is stronger it is the perfect time to co-create. We can mediate on what we would like to do.

When we are in the flow we are being guided by our spirit. We are inspired to create our next experience. Feeling it deep in our core. We are embracing the energy of creativity in our lives.

Why not start today?  Improving our lives is part of our journey while discovering our spirit. We need to unleash the alchemist that is within us. Nothing is impossible if we put our mind into it. Staying focused in our lives helps us to take care of our own dreams.