The Journey of transformation

Living in the bubble we create can help us to face adversity in our own lives. As a young girl I never truly learned what love was. Peace wasn’t part of our everyday life.

Not everyone grows up in a happy family. We had learned from our own experiences to open our heart to receive the love from the universe and the world. We also had to open our eyes and realize our outer conditions should not define who we are.

We do not need to repeat our parents’ patterns, from toxic relationships to violence. This requires us to go through the pain and anger we feel deep in our heart.

As a young teenager I was angry, it felt like someone was pouring acid on my skin. I felt trapped in a world that wasn’t mine. I could not escape from it which made it even worst for me.

We need to keep our imaginary world alive, to help us to cope with our outer condition. This is what helped me to move on in my life. But also, I was listening to my spirit.

I felt, in my late teens, I needed to change the way I felt. But it took a few more years to finally start the process of transformation. The universe helped me along the way providing me the resources I needed to be able to move on and make peace with myself and the world.

Learning to forgive myself but also being mindful of my gifts and my surroundings. I am, to this day, still a student of life but being whole and complete by taking back all of the pieces of me that were scattered in the world. This has made me whole again.

Our journey is an adventure that no one can experience. We are all unique and beautiful. We should learn to celebrate that.