Being inspired in our lives

It is like being in a funny movie, as I am writing this blog while my two pups are having a blast taking each other down. Running like mad “cows”, wrestling with each other. Jumping against the couch, I feel like I’m riding a roller-coaster.

Until Miss Dot spotted me and decided to jump next to me. This is a wonderful moment being an observer. I can feel the peace in my heart, enjoying my home with my favorite four crazy legged dogs.

Life has been a long road, but it has been worth it to go through all of it. It brought me where I am now. I am glad I had to face the hurdles first, I have reached my holy ground.

I am happy and grounded but foremost I am blessed to have continued to listen to my spirit. I have learned so much along my journey but what is the most amazing is discovering my spirit.

Loving to be part of a world I am happy to be in. Appreciating how much I have overcome. It has been a humbling experience to face all the hurdles I had. I now know I am finally done with everything that has not been for my highest good. The inspiration came from the warrior in me.

I found the strength to light the fire in me. Having wonderful people that surround me. My wonderful circle of light, I am blessed with everything in my life.

I have found my holy ground; I have found my peace of mind. We all have our own path. We have to face our own destiny although the road might be difficult at times. It will improve if we are open to co-create with the universe, believing in our spirit and listening to its’ guidance. Letting our ego sleep and willing to go into the unknown to change the course of our life.