Creating our own path

Feeling we are on the top of the world is wonderful. The hardest part is when we are falling from grace. It is always easier to fall than climb. We can become blindsided by the power we might have acquired.

This again will be part of the life lessons we have to go through. We do not need to become blinded by our own ego. working with our spirit helps us to stay grounded but also humbled.

You are seeing everything around you with a fresh view. You are not seeing yourself above everyone. Instead you are fully connected with the universe. When we are climbing the social ladder, we need to remind ourselves to stay authentic.

We are always closer to the truth; we can see everyone’s spirit. We do not need to be part of the illusional world but instead we are feeling in tune with the universe.

We do not need to have a sense of instant gratification instead we are willing to continue on our journey of elevations.

Being open to receive the harvest of the seeds we have planted. We do not need to become someone we are not. In our journey of transformation, we are learning to transcend.

The only limit we have is in our own imagination. Learning to never surrender… instead becoming the trailblazer. Pushing the boundaries to create for our highest good.

We have so much more to discover when we are on our own quest. Life is too short to be sitting on a sofa waiting for a miracle to happen. When we are ready to claim what is rightfully ours. This will open the doors of infinite possibilities.

Why not start today to create your own path, your own journey?  We are divine and beautiful. The journey of the thousand live helps us to become who we are meant to be.