Our own path

Letting our spirit guide us in our lives is an adventure we should not deny. Instead we should be open to embrace ourselves. We are being bombarded by the ego world’s latest and greatest trends, we are forgetting to ground ourselves and let our spirit speak to us.

When we are learning we are not fitting into the illusional world of the ego we are breaking the chains that tie us to a world that is not ours. In order to live a full life, we do not need to depend on that world.

Instead, going into the journey of our own self-discovery, we are ready to open up the doors to infinite possibilities. We are becoming the magician, the alchemist that will co-create with the universe.

We can do it alone but why should we struggle when we can have the support of the universe along our way? We might find when we are in a waiting pattern nothing is going the way it should. We are feeling alone in the middle of the storm.

Finding peace is challenging but when we have faith we are on the right path, keeping our eyes on the dreams that are lying in front of us, we are moving forward into our holy ground. We are achieving our life purpose; we are learning who we are.

We have so much to learn during the time we are here. Not letting ourselves be distracted by what is not for our highest good. Willing to go into the unknown, taking it one day at a time, one step at a time, not trying to project ourselves into the future but being present in our own lives.

I have spent time mediating and talking with the universe, it has been a great ride even when the outer conditions were not ideal. Having faith in us is what helps us to go beyond what seems impossible.