A moment of reflection

Feeling the cold air on my face is revitalizing while walking the pups outside. It has been an interesting ride with them. Every day something new comes up with them, training is still part of our daily routine. There is still some work to do to get them where they need to be.

But when I am keeping myself grounded, I can project that intention into them. They are still young and full of energy that sometimes get a little too overwhelming. Especially when both of them are trying to bolt toward other dogs or people they want to greet. It may seem to other people on the other end they are too wild to be approachable, when in fact they are the sweetest pups.

It all comes down to training, learning to be open when teaching them. Learning patience when sometimes we feel like we are going backwards. When I stay grounded and calm, I are sending the right vibes to them.

Dealing with them is another way to teach me other life lessons I have not completely mastered. Patience is one of them, when we are spending our time in the rat race and then when we are coming back home, we are still under the pressure of today’s work.

Being mindful to remind ourselves to unplug before we reach home, so we do not carry what happened at work or during the day into our own home.

Becoming the master of our own life requires us to become the student first. When we are young, we think we know everything, but we have no idea how our journey will turn out and how much we are going to grow up and mature.

When we are at the stage of our life where we have gone through the awakening of our spirit, we know then, deep inside of us we are in a good place in our life.