Creating the perfect storm

Have you ever created the perfect storm, without realizing you triggered it? It could come in the form of being pulling in a meeting while you have spent your time cleaning data. When you are entering the room, all fingers are pointing at you. You feel like you have committed the crime of the century. While you are justifying what you have done you realized the person who headed that meeting had taken the wrong approach, you had to be in the middle of something that should not have had happened if the person lead knew what they were doing.

It might take a day before the people in the meeting realized what you have done what correct and they are planning to implement what you were doing globally, Sometimes we are not fully aware of how things are going to shift. But somehow when things go south it doesn’t mean it will stay like that forever.

Sometimes we can see those changes revert back or go into an entirely different direction. The universe has a way to work its magic that is amazing. Even when we are in the eye of the hurricane, we still have the beauty and wonders supporting us.

Nothing is set in stone everything is moving and evolving. When we are creating a perfect storm in a good or bad way, we are going to have some changes coming our way.

Uncertainty is a way we are all living. We never know if one day we are going to be laid off from a job, win at a lottery or become successful by living our dreams.

We are the magician while we are co-creating with the universe. Those perfect storms are helping us to shift course guiding us closer to our goals. Like boats in the middle of the sea the wind will push the boat further.

We are the wonders of the world, being able to adapt to any situation.  It can be uncomfortable to go through it or you might be taken by surprise when this is happening. You need to remember it is for your highest good.