Being accountable for my own actions

When you start a new job or going through interviews for a new job, it might be daunting. Not knowing everything at first. If you are starting a new job, you do not know everything or everyone. It can be scary during that time, but it is always more fun to discover as you go what the company is all about.

When you are going through a job interview, you are always having to come prepared with questions but also an open mind so you can truly see what is going on. How often people would ignore the signs? Feeling the place or people are not right.

But instead of listening to their spirit they will make the wrong choices by accepting the position and later on regretting it. We have the possibilities to grow and mature by being honest, even if sometimes what we see is not what we would like to have happening.

Those are the time we need to listen to our spirit. We need to keep our eyes open and be willing to walk away if this is not for our highest good. Training ourselves to leave our ego asleep and be in the driver’s seat for the right reason.

How often have you felt in your gut that something was wrong, or it wasn’t the right decision, but you went for it? Regardless of what your ego wants you to believe you do not have to do it. Instead you should learn to stand your own ground.

I have felt the pressure of the world in my life, but I always, at the end, made the best choices when the time came. I also, from past experiences, learned the hard way to not listen to what others were telling me. Knowing deep in my core I knew it wasn’t for my highest good.

But when things did not unfold the right way, I never blamed the people who gave me the wrong option. Instead I reminded myself I needed to trust my inner voice. Those are great teaching moments, becoming accountable for my own actions.