Standing our ground

Feeling sorry for ourselves brings out the worst part of us. Yes, you read correctly, it is easy to become a victim so we can attract attention to ourselves. Feeling powerful because we are manipulating others.

How often have you felt the need to complain so you could get someone’s attention? Like a child having a tantrum, we can learn to manipulate others. It is a sick game some people will play their entire life.

How often do you feel like that? How often have you manipulated others? It is challenging when we are living in the ego world. We can be influenced by others wanting to have the same kind of attention. Most of the time this will backfire, not being authentic will never work.

People will not come to you, instead they would rather walk away. We do not need to be living in the world of drama. Chaos should not be part of our life. We should be able to be who we are without wearing any kind of mask.

We do not need to emulate what is not for our highest good. Instead we should learn who we truly are. Becoming an observer in the world we are living in will teach us what not to do. It is tempting to use shortcuts to get to our destination.

But it doesn’t mean you will be successful at the end. If a life lesson needs to be learned, you are not going to be able to move on until you learn it. I have always known if I was using the easy road the universe will never let me get away with it.

Instead my spirit kept me on the right path, even if there were temptations to stray away from the straight and narrow. Even if a shortcut is tempting sometimes it is better to take the high road.