Discovering our own spirit

We are students of life; we need to come with a curious mind. Not setting up any expectation. When you are doing that you are opening yourself to infinite possibilities. You are not setting any unrealistic expectations. You are ready to learn everything along the way.

Ready to listen to the universe’s whispers. When you are coming as student of life, you are coming from an authentic place. You are not letting your ego dictate your moves. Instead you are becoming calmer. Too many times people are so stressed over everything and this creates obstacles for them that will make it difficult to attain their goals. Even making it impossible for them to succeed. Going on the quest of our lives, walking on the path of enlightenment to reach our holy ground. We have to let our steps guiding us; we are here to live our lives to the fullest.

Why not start today, taking the time to learn something new. When we decide to walk on our holy ground, we are becoming the better part of us. Infinite possibilities will open doors for us, believing in ourselves is the key.

We can co-create with the universe, learning to awaken the alchemist in us. We do not need to feel we have to follow the ego world to become the better part of us. We have what it takes to be free, to be happy. The road to get there might be a long one for some of us, but it doesn’t mean we cannot do it.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves we are a beautiful spirit. We might want to crawl under a rock when the storms that surround us are too much. But when we brave all of that madness this is where we can finally archive our goals.

Living a thousand lives helps us to uncover the beauty of our spirit.