Taking care of our bodies

Spending a moment of peace in nature helps us to center ourselves. Releasing the stress, we have experienced during the day or week. It is a great therapeutic way to restore the equilibrium we need.

We need to learn to unwind in a healthy way. We have been spending our time in the rat race living in the middle of the chaos. Trying to find the time for ourselves can be challenging but when we start to spend a few minutes for ourselves every day we can learn to increase those few minutes to an hour every single day.

Recharging our batteries so we do not run on empty. We have to learn to care for our own physical body. When we spend our time ignoring it, sooner or later we are going to be reminded what we have done in the past.

As for myself and siblings we had a pretty harsh childhood; my father had a logging business. The “Little One” and I spent the summer from sunrise to sunset doing the job of one of his employees. Working at a young age in a difficult environment we pushed our bodies to do that 7 days a week.

We knew sooner or later our bodies would be making payback for what we had to do.  It did happened years later, sometimes we do not have a choice. Our outer conditions are dictating our moves. It is never too late to do something nice.

This is why we need to learn to be gentler on ourselves. We do not have to try to prove we can do everything. Even going beyond the limits of what our body is telling us. I have pushed myself beyond pain that it almost put my life in danger a few times.

We need to listen to our bodies, we need to be mindful of our outer shell, we only have one body.