Walking away from toxic relationships

I have never felt better than now. Learning to let go of the past, taking my own advice’s and listening to my spirit. Not feeling the need to keep any toxic relationships in my life.

From time to time we are forced to make decisions for our highest good.  We can ignore the current situation we are in because we feel we have close ties with people. Or we are realizing as much as we love those individuals, we cannot continue to expose ourselves to betrayals or drama. We have to remind ourselves we should not feel guilty.

Instead we should bless the situation and be happy we have found a peaceful way to walk away. Not being expose to that negative energies will help us to reduce our stress level.

We need to find our true self.  How can we do that if people are always pulling us down? We cannot elevate our energies easily when we are in an unstable environment. I have lived a life of chaos from a young age.

I had no way to escape that negative environment. It was extremely toxic; I would have emulated that environment if my spirit did not teach me how to escape that world.

Not everyone can realize the environment they are in is not for their highest good. It is only when you are opening your spirit you are starting to realize this is not the scene you want to be living in.

It takes time and determination to be able to change our patterns including the ones taught by your parents.

Today is the day to start to look at our own world. Who do I have in my life that is not for my highest good? How can I improve my relationships? How often do you feel people around you do not understand you?

Maybe it is time to be honest and clean up your own garden. So, you can open the space and doors for people to come into your life that are for your highest good.