Winding each day

Working in a positive environment helps us to have less stress in our lives. We not only are helping our body to be balance. But also, are avoiding being sick, because stress will reduce our immune system.

It is our job to maintain our bodies to keep them in the best health we can. Living in the fast lane we might forgot to remind ourselves to take the time to slow down. Not running to the drive through when we can spend time cooking or eating healthier food. We have to take the time during the day to take some breaks.

How often have you stayed glue to your monitor not realizing how much time you have spent without stretching your body or even getting a drink of water? I do, from time to time when I am busy trying to make my deadline forget to take a break.

As my schedule is becoming extremely busy, I now have a great reminder. The pups have been my great reminder. Even when I am outside of the house for most of the day when I come back home the first thing, I do is go for a walk with them.

It is a wonderful way to remove myself from the fast lane. Being present during our walk is helping me to stay grounded. They are more than happy to walk several miles eating snow along the way.

Having them in my life is getting me motivated and moving even if I am tired, I am making a point to not miss a walk. It helps me to intake more oxygen into my body moving the stalled energy out and finally receive positive energy in.

You can unwind while you are walking, focusing on the world around you.

You can also do yoga, meditation or any other activity that will awaken your spirit and ground you as well.