Living our lives through our spirit

We are living in a constant moving and changing world. It is at times difficult to keep up with it. When we feel we are in a rat race, we have a tendency to show the worst part of us. Letting our ego guide us to try to be at the head of a game that is rigged to start with. Bringing to the surface unwanted attitudes that doesn’t reflect our spirit.

It also can discourage others from approaching us while attracting people that are not for our highest good.

Learning to balance our life. Focusing on staying positive while learning we do not have to enter the ego world.  Choosing to be our own master painter in our lives. Deciding what we would like to experience next.

Walking in the quest of our own discovery. Learning to know who we truly are, not carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. We are students of life; each life lesson we are going through is helping us to move on in our journey.

We have a full life ahead of us, we can learn as we are going through it to course correct it. We are not the reflection of our outer conditions when we are learning to co-create with the universe.

Understanding we have the power within us to do that. Nothing is impossible when we are focusing on our happy ending. Life is a marathon; time is of the essence. We have to learn to trust the process, having faith in it and us.

We never run out of time, even if our ego is nagging at us, making us believe we are. The illusional world of the ego should not dictate our lives. Our spirit is our compass, our guiding light. When you are free of all of the illusional world of expectation we are starting to live our lives.