Freeing ourselves

We can spend our lives trying to avoid living in a fishbowl where people will judge us. But also watching every move we make.  Finding ourselves at odds with the world of the ego. Wanting out of that illusional world that doesn’t helps us in the long run but distracts us from our life purpose.

Becoming our own spirit is going to be challenging. When the world is influenced by the ego world walking on our own path might be a lonely road at times. When you are on the path of self-discovery you are going to find yourself at a crossroad having to make choices that will change the course of your life. It also will require you to take a closer look at your own life.

Who is surrounding you in your life? Questioning past decisions, you made? Going back to memory land to heal situations that have happened to you. Closing the chapters that were not fully resolved nor healed.

It is a great time for you to look at where you currently are, deciding what you would like to do or accomplish. Too often we are missing some of the healing steps that will provide us with the support we need to move on.

We do not have to keep reliving the past over and over. We do not need to continue to feel oppressed by people what are not for our highest good.

We can become the creating minds we are to finally materialize the next experience we want to be living in.

Giving up the past is helping us to move forward in our journey. Learning to enjoy being in the present moment. It takes courage to make the changes that are required to improve our lives.

Not everyone will take the leap of faith by going into the unknown.