Welcoming changes in our lives

Retraining our mind is challenging for some of us but also extremely tiring to monitor your thoughts. It is the only way we can change our mantra. We can use the support of music and meditation to lift our spirits.

We can achieve what we need in due time. When we are making the change, we need to support our life and in doing that it pushes us to look closer at our lifestyle with a new perspective. No one can do it for you, it must come from the inside.

Counting on someone to save us is not the best approach. By doing so you are giving your powers away. Becoming dependent and at the mercy of someone’s will.

Having our happy ending is the ultimate destination of our spirit. Facing the challenges along the road helps us to grow and mature. Not everyone will have a difficult life but when we are faced by the challenges of our outer condition, we need to learn on how we can respond to them.

When you stay grounded you can find the best solution. Letting oxygen in your body helps us to lower our stress. Projecting in our minds the love and peace toward a happy solution.

Sometimes, we do not get what we want right away. It gives us the opportunity to learn patience. Having faith everything will work for our highest good. Not willing to compromise for something less then what makes us happy.

Part of our journey is to decide what is best for us.  Living an authentic life is enjoying who we truly are. We do not need to wear a mask to pretend to be someone we are not.

As we are growing and evolving, we are learning what we like or don’t like. This helps us to make the best choices for ourselves.  Just be who you are, show your true colors.