Being our own self

We can feel an odd duck from time to time. Not fitting in, not belonging but more on the outside looking in. This is when we realize we are not part of the ego world. we are on our own path. Feeling like a stranger in the middle of the crowd.

We should not feel bad or worried because no one understand us. This is part of the journey we are embarking on. When you feel deep in your core, you are not in the right place we have to stay focused on our dreams and keep moving on toward our final goal…..happiness!

It might take some time before It comes to fruition. Patience is the key; we do not have to wonder why, but instead we should be looking at what we might become.

Feeling invisible in the world we are living teaches us a great life lesson. Some of us will try anything to make themselves visible. It doesn’t mean they are going to succeed. When you are spending too much time justifying your own actions, it is giving your powers away.

We are on the chessboard of our lives; it is up to us to make the next move. Nothing is impossible if we are staying focused. We are what we are projecting in the world.

Being opened to co-create with the universe is opening the doors to infinite possibilities. Listening to our spirit to become the better part of us. Not willing to compromise in our own dreams.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint, knowing that will help us to be patient. Opening our minds to creates our next experience. We have so much to accomplish in our lifetime.

Spending our time in the ego world will not help us to fulfill our lives. Instead we are being distracted. We all have our own free will, we can always change the course of our life at any given time.