What kind of people surrounds you?

Being touched by people that lend us a hand when we need it the most. Feeling the love in our life when we have people standing and cheering for us is an experience that will lift our spirits.

We are not alone in our journey from the support of the universe to our circle of light that will encourage us to continue to move forward. During our time of tribulations, we can see who is standing by our side.

How often have you seen a court of people surrounding you? Wanting to be in your entourage but at the first signs of trouble most of them would run away. This is where you know who your true friends are.

Always being aware of the people that surround you. Are you letting toxic people into your inner circle? Do you feel if there is no drama around you it is not normal? Many people are not aware you can live a peaceful life, you do not need to invite chaos into your life.

I grew up in a family where screaming and punishment were the norm. From that life my older sister has always lived in a world where she always has drama going on.  She is not a happy person; she has been scarred.  Even up to these days, this pattern is still going on with her.

Not realizing she can invite peace into her life if she would choose good positive people to surround her. Growing up in chaos will not lead you to live a live on a rollercoaster. You can learn to invite peace into your life. You do not have to repeat the past.

Be open to ask your spirit if the people that surround you are for your highest good. If your spirit says no, you always have a choice to keep them in your life or you can distance yourself from them.

We have the free will to choose the kind of people we let into our life. If you want peace, do an inventory of who is for your highest good and who is not.