Playing in our lives

Having fun in our lives should be on the top of our list after our “me time”. We can connect with our mates, children and friends. I just had a wonderful time a few days ago. I decided to organize an escape room event with friends.

We did the jail break room; it was a blast! We were all working together trying to figure out the clues. We were so focused on figuring out how to resolve the clues we kind of lost track of time.

At the end we were laughing so much. It was a great experience, we loved it so much we are planning on doing another room next month. It is a great time to connect with people. We were all focused on finding the clues for about an hour we did not even focus on anything else.

Afterwards we went for lunch and had a wonderful time. I think the waiter thought we were a little too crazy.

We can spend time playing games that will help us to relax.  Removing us from the chaotic world we are living in. It helps us to let our inner child play again. We do not have to take ourselves seriously. Instead we can just relax and enjoy being in the moment.

It is a great way to learn to be present in our lives. While you are playing you are not allowing your mind to wander away. Instead you are connecting with everyone.

Playing is essential to be in perfect equilibrium in our lives. We should not neglect the lighter side of us. We should always laugh as much as we can. It creates wonderful memories. You can always revisit them when you are feeling down.

Spending time playing helps us to elevate our energies. We need to continue to play in our lives.