The next chapter in our lives

When we are ready to turn to a new chapter in our lives, we must do a full inventory of where we are. By doing that we can leave behind us what we do not need.

If we are not willing to do that, we are carrying unnecessary weight and we can never truly start a new next chapter. How often have you heard people complaining because they cannot achieve what they want? The reason might be because they did not heal past wounds or addressed unresolved issues weighing on their shoulders.

Doing an inventory in our lives should be happening often not once a decade. Gathering people to be your circle of light should come naturally. You are going to recognized them.

Stepping into a new chapter of our life is exciting. We are ready to take on new challenges. Life can become as sweet as candy if we are willing to go bolder. Our spirit is guiding us in our journey.

We are constantly changing and evolving. We are maturing and growing when we are going into uncharted territory. Welcoming changes in our lives can be daunting. It is away for us to get out of our comfort zone.

Being challenged by the unknown, letting our spirit come alive. This is the way to learn who we truly are. Growing and maturing will only happen if we are going on the quest of our life. Not by sitting on a couch waiting for a miracle to happened. You are the one who creates your next experience.

It is within your own power wheel to decide what you want to do next. It is always a blessing to be able to move on to the next chapter of our lives. We are, maybe, on the chessboard of the world, we can decide what move we need to make next.

We are not bound to stay where we are.