Learning to co-create

Traveling opens the mind, discovering a different way of life. Immersing ourselves in a different culture. Feeling free to become who we want to be. Reinventing ourselves.

So why not applying this same concept to create our next experience? What’s actually stopping us from becoming the better part of ourselves by living our own dreams?

When you are traveling you are enjoying the time you are spending away from the drama and work. Finally reconnecting with your loved ones.

Co-creating with the universe has the same concept as going on vacation. You are excited by the prospect of reaching your dreams. You are happy to get started on your quest. You are feeling the support of the universe.

Embodying the energy, you are living your dream. Speaking in present tense, not worrying how everything is going to unfold. Instead, staying focused on the feeling, we already have it.

When we are willing to do that combined with believing in ourselves, we have the recipe for success.

If you are not sure or afraid to start with a big dream you might consider starting with a small one. By doing so, you are learning to co-create with the universe. Starting to understand how co-creation works.

We are students of life; we have some skill sets when we are starting to co-create. But the other skills sets will be taught by going into uncharted territory.  Each step we are taking into the unknown is empowering us to reach deep in our core and challenge our values and thoughts.

This is how we are changing, by becoming the students of life. Going with the flow, knowing the universe is supporting us along our journey. Facing the obstacles that lay in front of us.

Keeping our focus on our dreams, our happy ending. Not willing to give up on what is rightfully ours.