Searching for our holy ground

We can be happy where we are and with what we are doing. Some of us are still searching for their holy ground. Not knowing where it will lead us, having faith our spirit will guide us along our journey.

When we are seeking our own path, we are in the journey of a lifetime. Discovering the world through creativity but also frustration when we feel we have wasted our time on someone or work.

We do not need to feel we have failed but instead see it as a learning lesson. Realizing the situation, we were in has taught us something valuable.

It might be going with open eyes when we are entering a new relationship. If the person is showing signs that he/she is not for our highest good, instead of turning a blind eye, just listen to your spirit.

I understand at times it might be difficult because everyone one around you has a mate or you are physically attracted to that person. But in the long run it is worth it to walk away instead of experiencing pain and sorrow.

The same goes with work, if you are in a position where you are unhappy about your work you always have the option of staying, or you can find a new job that will fit you better.

I understand it is scary to change jobs, we are so used to our own routine. The prospect to change might feel like a Hugh gamble.  Our ego can fill our mind with the wrong mantra as well. Fear can paralyze us from making the right move as well.

When you are listening to your spirit, you are always going to be guided in the right direction. Start to open your heart and listen to the whispers of your spirit.

You should not fear the unknown, just have faith and believe in yourself.