A time of transformation

Being wild in our own way is wonderful, losing ourselves to let our wild side out. Not worrying about anything else. Just enjoying the nectar of life, being present in our lives. Not projecting ourselves to the “no-man’s-land”.

We have to learn to know our own self, we do not have to become part of the robot’s world. Living our lives to the fullest is to know ourselves but also understand each other. Embracing who we are, feeling the love in our heart.

It is not easy to be us but when you decide to become your authentic self you are finally connecting with the universe. You are grounded, you know what you want and don’t want.

Becoming the trailblazer, ready to take the world by surprise. Learning to dream big and bold, rising from our own ashes to becoming the phoenix. Showing our beautiful colors. The world would shift for you to finally walk on your holly ground.

This is a journey of thousand lives, we cannot change and evolve if we are not willing to step into the unknown. I have felt inspired to continue to walk into the unknown. Being guided by my spirit while walking on my path. In the darkness I have found the light from the universe. My faith and beliefs were tested, my dreams felt unattainable, but I kept going. Using the rage inside of me to move forward. Not willing to give up.

It takes courage to be willing to go into the unknown, but it is worth it to feel the pain and sorrow washing off my body. Finally leaving the past behind to become the better part of me.

Feeling alive when you are walking into darkness. You are feeling whole and complete when you are reaching the light. You are at peace and surprised at how much you have gone through during this time of transformation.