Your own path

The journey of a thousand lives is a wonderful journey to discover who we are. When you are going through uncharted territory this is where you are starting to peel off the layers of your spirit.

Starting to know yourself, not trying to become someone you are not but instead discovering your skills.  During that time of self-discovery, you are going to learn your life lessons.

Whatever shape or form you are going through your transformation is going to be a re-birth for you. As we are moving and evolving, we are learning more about who we truly are.

We are discovering what makes us great or not. Accepting our spirit, our outer shell. Learning to love ourselves can be challenging when we are influenced by the ego world.

We are all perfect in our own way. We do not need someone’s approval to feel beautiful. No one should give their powers away to be visible. We are all visible, no one should feel like a ghost.

We are relevant and are an active element of the world. Feeling we are on the outside looking in is only the ego world trying to make us feel marginalized…

The ego world is not our final destination, our holy ground is the goal we need to reach. When you understand that you are becoming your own trailblazer, you are not feeling dependent on the illusional world.

Learning to focus on our journey will ground us but also bring you the peace in your life and heart. No one will be able to rattle your cage, instead you are learning to ignore the egos that are around you. Living your life to the fullest.

Become the beautiful spirit you are, let your imagination run free and live your life to the fullest.