How to deal with stress

Having fun in our lives helps us to relax. We do not need to bring the stress of work home. But how can we manage that? Some individuals do not know how to relax even for a few minutes, while others have learned to stay whole and grounded.

We need to learn to breath, when you are breathing deeply into your core you are allowing a good amount of oxygen into your body. Your brain and muscles are getting the right amount of oxygen. You are not creating a situation where the lack of oxygen would trigger your muscles to tense or your adrenals to go on override.

It is important when you have a high stress job with deadline and problems to solve to be able to release the negative energy. Learning to infuse yourself with positive energy.

There are different methods you can use such as mediating, yoga, running, dancing, laughing, etc. Nothing will change if you do not start to work on yourself. Start to change your mantra. What are you playing in the back of your head? Are they positive thoughts or are you feeling you are running out of time?

Often people do not realize what the mantra is in their mind. It is only when you listen to those repetitions you can help switch them to positive thoughts.  It will take some time to change them but by monitoring your thoughts you are going to start to shift your outer condition.

From a stressful job you are going to be able to reduce the amount of stress you are facing. Adding some meditation and “me time” you are able to cope with it. Life is always changing and evolving, you cannot control your outer conditions, but you can influence it by how you are responding to it.

Why not start today?