Our journey of transformation

We might feel like a puppet on a string, not able to move from time to time. We do not understand why we cannot move forward for some time we are in a holding pattern.

When you are co-creating with the universe, the role of perfect synchronicity is to gather all the pieces for us to reach our goal. Like every moving piece some might have a delay creating a domino effect in our journey.

This is where we need to learn to be flexible. Not everything will be coming on our own timing. Becoming patient in our quest is required. Trying to push will not help us but creates unnecessary obstacles.

We can feel vulnerable to our outer condition when we are on our quest. But we are not alone… from our circle of light surrounding us, to the universe, we can feel the love enveloping us.

Whatever we are going to face we always have the support to help us. Finding deep in our core the strength to move forward. It might take some time for us to realized what we are experiencing is the end of an era. The end of life we are finally free to leave it behind us.

We do not have to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. We do not have to continue to be in any toxic relationships anymore. It is a great time to reassess where we are in our lives.

It is a great way to start our transformation. Nothing is more precious than our spirit. We should not subject ourselves to any negativity if we can help it. We should not feel the need to punish ourselves.

Instead we should learn to travel light in our journey. Keeping our heart open for possibilities. Having lived a thousand lives to finally unveil my spirit, I have no regrets in the choices I have made. I have opened my heart to let my spirit free, I have opened my heart to receive love.